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Cheap Web Site Maintenance Solutions For Companies & SOHOs

Web Design, Updates/Upgrades & Ecommerce Ready Web Hosting

JKBak specializes in web site maintenance including web design, upgrades, updates & hosting on highly reliable servers situated in New Jersey, USA. Account inquiries are welcome. Our flat monthly rates start at only $10.95. Please also see Rent-A-Webmaster (opens a new window)

A) My Company has NO website but needs a web presence

  • Reliable Linux Hosting starts at $10.95 per Month and is adequate for +98% of our clients. Our Basic Package includes a fully functional 5 page website edited with your preferred wording and chosen from +1000 templates - Total Start Up Cost: $199 incl. 1 month hosting

  • Please check out the Sample Templates to get an idea of how your future home on the internet could look like. If you see nothing you like, we do have many more templates.

  • Read tips about the hosting industry, and how to avoid being scammed

B) My Company has a website but NO webmaster to maintain the site

  • We prefer to use our current host

              JKBak bills on an hourly basis for the use of our expertise.

              This is a handy cost saving solution for the majority of businesses that currently employ

              IT staff on a monthly salary but in reality doesn't need much more than a skilled person to

              monitor the website, intervene when needed & make the occasional update/press-release


Billed On A Monthly Basis - Our services are fully tax deductible

5 hours at $22 each. Maximum Web Maintenance Cost: $110

6-10 hours at $20 each. Maximum Web Maintenance Cost: $210

11-20 hours at $18 each. Maximum Web Maintenance Cost: $390

21 hours and every hour thereafter at $16 each.


For example: A Real Estate Agent sells 20 houses per week.

20 houses needs a sold sign added or the ad removed + 20 new houses added.

New descriptions and pictures must be mailed JKBak that will implement the changes.

This work would typically be billed 1 hour for deletion + 4 hours for new houses/week.

5x $22 + 5x $20 + 10x $18 per month. This means that your total IT expense for selling 80 houses is $390 per month. ( prepaid JKBak asks only $349 )


Note: A 160 hour full time employee dedicated your company is only $2630

  • We would like JKBak to care for everything

              Please inquire if you feel that your website can't be included in our Basic package

              described below! Otherwise simply add $10.95 per month to the above billing.

  • How to switch hosting companies without having any downtime. >> Read More Here

C) My Company has a website & webmaster but wants to save money

  • Moving to us is Free - let JKBak host your website for $10.95 per month - Please inquire including your www and current bandwidth usage. Our Basic package allows 3GB traffic and up to 300MB web space - room enough for a massive website. Total Start Up Cost incl. 1 year added to your domain (.com .net .info .org), 1st month hosting and setup: $25

  • Special 1 Year Value Offer!

Save 25% when you prepay for a full year - normal price: $145.45 - Pay $109 Only

Free Domain name (com net org or biz) is also included in this special offer

  • JKBak Internet services also includes Fully Managed Dedicated Solutions at a price hard to beat when comparing to competition - Our most "expensive" solution is only $549 a Month

Choose Freely Between the 2 options below:

2.4+ GHz Dual Xeon Processors
2 x 73 GB SCSI disk space (2 drives)
1700 GB bandwidth

2.4 GHz Pentium 4 Processor
2 x 80 GB disk space (2 drives)
UNLIMITED 10mbps bandwidth!

  • And everything in between . . .  Kindly Contact us  with your specific whishes

Valuable Free Add-ons (click opens a new window)

- 12 Samples at a glance Fantastico

- Sample the power of a osCommerce shopping Cart

- Sample the power of a Bulletin Board / Forum

- Sample the power of a PHP Nuke / Portal



Control Panel Features



Web Hosting Details


Your own domain name (www.yourdomain.com)  

This is true virtual domain hosting.  And to help you get up and running as easily as possible, we'll even help get your domain name registered, or transfer an existing one to your new account with us.


Ability to Park Domains  

You can have more than one domain name resolving at the same IP number and content holding site. For example, you can park yourname.net to yourname.com.


Sub Domains  

Ability to create sub domains under at the same IP number and content holding site. For example, you can create:



Unlimited FTP and

Telnet Shell Access


Unlimited access gives you the freedom to keep your site fresh. An important quality in today's increasingly competitive web marketplace. The bonus of Telnet access makes maintaining your site easier than ever. Shell access puts an entire UNIX development environment at your fingertips, including such power features as Perl 5, C, C++, Java and more.

If you choose to create your website using HTML or web site creation software, such as PageMill or Dreamweaver, we offer FTP access with all account packages. To upload your files, you will need a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. We suggest using the shareware programs CuteFTP for the PC and Fetch for the Mac. Please note that you need to be logged in on your Internet Service Provider to connect to your site with FTP.


Anonymous FTP



Anonymous FTP allows visitors to your site to download files via FTP without a password. It is disabled by default, and you activate it through your control panel.


Easy to use Control Panel  

The control panel gives you the capability to manage all aspects of your account and is included with every package. With the click of a button, you can build your web site, create email accounts, manage directories, or even view your site statistics.


You can even add additional features to your site the minute you need them. With this extraordinary tool you do not only gain control, but also the flexibility to make changes within your time frame according to your needs. See what's included in your Control Panel.! (opens a new window)


File Manager  

The File Manager is a very powerful feature. It allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site. You are able to create, delete, and move your files. You can also upload files from your local PC to the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML in any of your files from this option. Everything you need to manage in your site can be found in this feature.


Archive Manager  

The Archive Manager will allow the user to backup and compress their files. For example, if you have a number of files for which you wish to keep a backup, you can select all the files, then create a backup file that contains all of them in compressed format.


Microsoft FrontPage support



Microsoft FrontPage is the hot new way to easily create compelling web content. JKBak Internet offers full support for web publishing with FrontPage 98 and FrontPage 2000.  Also compatible with the latest FrontPage 2002 productt!

Frontpage is a Microsoft page creation tool that requires special server extensions to function properly. All packages come with these extensions. This feature is activated through your control panel. !


Complete E-Commerce Package  

SSL Secure Server Access
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) allows your website to collect sensitive data, such as credit card information, from your visitors in a secure environment. JKBak Internet's secure servers feature the Apache-modSSL server software. You are free to use our generic secure servers and digital certificates at no additional charge.  

Powerful Shopping Cart Package
We now even include a very flexible shopping cart package pre-installed in every account to get your e-commerce site launched more easily than ever before!Our shopping cart is pre-configured to interface with several popular credit card processors, or supports manual payment processing.   Free upgrade to support customer payments through PayPal is also available! 

Upgrade to a Professional Solution
For more advanced e-commerce solutions we also offer a FREE upgrade to the professional grade osCommerce shopping cart system.   Sample the power of

The reality of your E-Commerce vision is only limited by your imagination when you team up with JKBak Internet!


Full CGI access /

Your own CGI-BIN


CGI routines are the magical server side programs you can install in your account to add interactive web features to your site, such as hit counters, guestbooks, and message forums.

JKBak Internet pre-installs several popular CGI scripts in your account including a message forum, a guestbook, page hit counters, and more, to help jumpstart your CGI development. A whole host of additional CGI programs are available for free on the web, or you can develop and install your own (subject only to policy restrictions).

JKBak Internet also offers development services for custom applications at competitive hourly rates.  We are also proud to provide FREE support to assist in the installation and configuration of CGI scripts.





JKBak Internet web hosting accounts all come ready to run web pages scripted in the popular PHP language.  We offer the very latest PHP version, PHP 4, built into our Apache web server for maximum performance.  JKBak Internet lets you tap the power and performance of PHP today!


POP3 Mailbox

with unlimited mail forwarding


All email to your domain can be handled through a dedicated POP3 mailbox, accessible through your normal email program, or forwarded to external email accounts. All this is under your control for the ultimate in flexibility.  A free web mail application is also available to permit you to retrieve and send email while you are away from your PC.  Email forwarding is easily configured through your account's web based control panel.


Webmail, Web-based email  

WebMail unburdens you and your users from your PC and allows you to check your email from any computer with just a browser and an Internet connection! All the email users under your domain name will be able to send, receive, delete, and compose email with this user-friendly, web-based program. Resellers: Note that all of your reseller accounts also have access to WebMail, completely anonymous!

Up to 100 FREE additional

POP3 mailboxes


Now every JKBak Internet web hosting account includes up to 100 additional POP3 mailboxes FREE!   All easily configured by an easy to use web based control panel.  Add or modify add on POP3 mailboxes simply and easily through your account's web based control panel.


Email autoresponders  

Autoresponders reply to incoming email messages automatically.

An autoresponder could be used to automatically send an information packet to persons who send an email to a specific address, such as info@yourdomain.com. Setup is a breeze for even the novice webmaster.


Support for mailing lists



Now you can host internet mailing lists from your domain on any topic you choose. Setup is super simple, too!

Mailing lists allow you to send email to a large number of contacts in a very efficient manner. You can manage the mailing list through the control panel.


Password Protected Pages  

You can use the control panel to specify which users are allowed to access certain pages on your site. When visitors click on a certain URL, they are requested to enter a username and password which you manage through the control panel.

MySQL Databases  

Access to several  MySQL databases is available FREE with every account. Combined with CGI code, the possibilities for your site are limitless.  This is proof that JKBak Internet web hosting accounts though simple enough for a beginner to use, have all the power for serious backend database driven sites too.


Access to raw access logs  

Real-time access to the raw web server logs showing who is visiting your site and what they are looking at.   Referrer logs are also available, if needed.   Optional Webalizer web site visitor statistics reports available for free upon request.


FAST connections to the net!  

JKBak Internet has FAST Pentium III servers and Multiple T3 connections to the net to ensure your site is there when your visitors want it.  Our lines are devoted totally to web hosting, so you'll get all the bandwidth you need, when you need it.


Unlimited 24 hour support



Courteous and personal support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is the JKBak Internet way of doing business. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.  You will be assigned one of our teams of web professionals to personally oversee every detail of your service with JKBak Internet, and providing consistent around the clock coverage.  

Are you new to the world of web hosting?  No problem.  We are here to offer you FREE support to get your site up and running.  Most web hosts will sign you up and then leave you on your own to sink or swim.  With JKBak Internet you can be confidant we will be here to help you every step of the way.


Quick setup  

We work around the clock, as necessary, to get your account online. Typically in just a few hours. Domain name transfers and registrations may take slightly longer.


FREE domain name registration  

Sign up for a 1 full year value JKBak Internet web hosting account, and we'll register one corresponding new domain name for FREE!   .com, .net, .org or .biz!


Site Statistics  

Many statistics about the usage of your web site are available through the Site Statistics option in the Control Panel. The statistics are generated by the http-analyze program, by Rent-A-Guru. You can view how many hits your pages receive, the number of pageviews, what web site referred your visitors, and which of your pages is visited most often.

Rent-A-Guru tracks your sites statistics over time so you will always know how many visitors your site has and where they are coming from. Use this information to analyze your marketing strategy or plan your next advertising campaign. This vital information is always available and updated daily to your site's Control Panel.


Custom packages available  

We here at JKBak Internet realize that not one size fits all when it comes to web hosting.  In addition to our comprehensive selection of standard web hosting plans, we are more than happy to custom configure an account to your exact needs.  

Just contact sales@JKBak.com if you have any questions.  In most cases we are able to customize your account at little or no additional cost to you!

JKBak Internet is proud to soon be premiering a line of fully managed dedicated server hosting solutions.  These custom plans are some of the best kept secrets on the web, and bargains to boot!   Contact
sales@JKBak.com with your specs today.


... and so much more!



Don't worry if you don't see every last thing you need listed here.   The full list of all that our accounts can do for you is just too exhaustive to list.  

But if you do have a question, just drop an email to our courteous sales staff at sales@JKBak.com.    If we don't have the feature you need, we'll go that extra mile to get it for you, at little or no cost!  



Install 47 scripts with the click of a button
Fantastico DeLuxe will allow you to install all of the below scripts instantly. To use Fantastico you will just login to your Control Panel, click Fantastico, and then click one of the 47 scripts to be installed. - 12 Samples at a glance Fantastico

pMachine Free

Content Management
Mambo Open Source

Customer Relationship
Crafty Syntax Live Help
Help Center Live
PHP Support Tickets
Support Logic Helpdesk
Support Services Manager

Discussion Boards

OS Commerce
Zen Cart

ViPER Guestbook

Hosting Billing

Image Galleries
4Images Gallery
Coppermine Photo Gallery

Mailing Lists

Polls and Surveys
Advanced Poll

Project Management


Other Scripts
Noahs Classifieds



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