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Control Panel Overview

Your own domain control panel provides the tools and utilities which give you true control over your account and web pages. There is a large selection of options available in the Control Panel. With the click of a mouse, you can administer your web space, e-mail accounts, directories, cgi-bin and all the special features offered, including site statistics.

Demo of our cPanel is available below. Please note that some features are disabled for security purposes. To see a product demo, simply click the Demo link (will open a new window)

cPanel Demo
Username: demo
Password: demo

Visual Control Panel Menus (complete list)


The Mail Manager option provides several ways of managing the mail accounts you set up on your account. Additionally, if Mailing Lists have been set up for your account, you can manage them using this tool.

Mailboxes for individuals or groups can be set up using the Mail Manager option. The number of mailboxes allowable on your account depends on the package your purchased from your hosting company.

E-mail accounts can be set up to forward to other mail accounts or to have automatic responses generated when mail is received by the original account. Additionally, Mail Manager allows you to delete e-mail accounts as well as change passwords for e-mail accounts.

Web Mail

Our POP email accounts can also be accessed via our web based email. Of course you can use your email reader like MS Outlook or Eudora or other email reader to retrieve mail from the server.

Change Password

Using the Change Password option, you can change the password for your account. This affects Control Panel, FTP and SSH access, but does not affect the passwords for any e-mail accounts you set up.



Domain pointers allow you to "point" or "park" additional domain names to your existing hosting account. This will allow users to also reach your website when entering the "parked" or "pointed" domain into their browsers.



Addon Domains are domain names that point to subdirectories within your account.



With the FTP account utility you can control FTP accounts for your users or if your account has sub-domain support you can add FTP accounts for your sub-domain(s).

You can change how anonymous FTP users should be treated and change the anonymous upload policy as well.

Also You can edit the anonymous FTP welcome message that users will see when they login to your FTP site.



Similar to Microsoft Windows Explorer in function, the File Manager Option in the Control Panel allows you to perform file management tasks such as creating files and directories, setting the read, write or execute permissions on the files and directories in your site, renaming or deleting files or directories, and changing the password for directories that are password-protected.

Disk usage

Provides a detailed view of disk space and transfer data statistics that are more detailed than those that show up in the Resources Available section of the Control Panel.


Generate/Download a Full Backup, Download a home directory Backup, Download a SQL Database Backup, and Download Alias/Filter Backup.

Password Protect Directories

Using the Protect Directories option, you can limit the amount of access users have to your site. You can specify a username and password for the directory you are protecting. Each protected directory can have multiple users (each with different passwords if you prefer) who have access to it. Additionally, the Protect Directories option can be used to remove a user's access from a protected directory.

Error Pages

You can create customized error pages, so when a user types the wrong url or enters incorrect information on the browser, a nice error page will be displayed instead of the default one.


Allow you to create subdomains under your main domain name.

MySQL Database

The MySQL option in the Control Panel allows the setup of a MySQL database on your site. Once the database has been installed, there is documentation available within the MySQL Option for managing the database. This procedure shows you how to install MySQL and provides a basic overview of the screens you can expect to see within this option.


The Redirect URL option allows you to change the file that appears when a user enters a specific file's web address.

Frontpage Extensions

If you are planning on using Microsoft's FrontPage as the web-development tool for your site, you will first need to enable FrontPage Extensions. We support all versions.

Web/FTP Stats

Many statistics about the usage of your web site are available through the Site Statistics option in the Control Panel. The statistics are generated by the http-analyze program, by Rent-A-Guru. Log files can also be download from the server.




Available for download from your control panel direct.




You can Archive Logs in your home directory at the end of each month, or Remove the previous month's archived logs from your home directory at the end of each month.

Error log

View the last 300 Error Log Messages in reverse order.

Subdomain Stats

View the stats for your subdomains.




The Search Engine Options allows you to install the Entropy Search Engine on your site. This tool allows users to perform searches for content on your site. This is a great tool if you have many pages and a lot of content.


A script is ready for you to copy and paste in your HTML webpage to make a chat room gateway in your web-site.


Allow you to install chatroom function. Will use one MySQL database to install the chatroom in your web-site.

Bulletin Board

Allow you to install forum function.Will use one MySQL database to install forum and boards in your web-site.

CGI Center

All CGI Scripts are pre-installed and ready to use one your account.



Addon scripts are available to be installed: phpBB & Advanced Guestbook




The Agora Shopping Cart is a free shopping cart program. Support can optionally be obtained through a mailing list setup specifically for Agora Users for a small fee of $25.00 per year.

Cron jobs

This is a web interface to the crontab program. It allows you to run commands at any time you specify. Enter the command you would like to run as well as running times.

Network Tools

You can use for domain lookup, and Trace the route from the server to you.

MIME Types

You can add and delete as much as you can from MIME Types.

Apache Handlers

You can add and delete as much as you can from Apache Handlers.

Manage OpenPGP Keys

Allow you to add, or import public and private OpenPGP keys.

HotLink Protection

Allow you to protect specific areas, and extensions files by disabled and Enable function.



The index manager will allow you to turn indexes on or off for a directory. If indexes are off, people will not be able to see what files are in a directory that lacks an index file.

IP Deny Manager

This feature will allow you to block a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site. You can also enter an fully qualified domain name, and the Ip Deny Manager will attempt to resolve it to an ip address for you.






You may choose to use our secure certificate at no additional cost. This way, you do not have to purchase your own SSL Certificate from Thawte (using https://servername.com/yourdomain/page.html).






Thumbnailer, Image Scaler & Convert Image Format (jpg,gif,bmp,etc)



Virus Scan


Built-in Virus Scanner powered by ClamAV. Scan Mail, Scan Entire Home Directory, Scan Public Web Space or Scan Public FTP Space



Leech Protect


Leech Protect allows you to prevent your users from giving out or publicly posting their password to a restricted area of your site. This feature will redirect (and suspend if selected) accounts which have been compromised to a url of your choice.






Use Fantastico to automatically install any of the scripts listed inside this software. Installing any script will use one of your available MySQL databases. Removing any script will free up one of your used MySQL databases.

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