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First JKBak likes to answer our most frequently asked question:

Q:   How can your company charge so little?

A:  JKBak is situated in Thailand and enjoys favorable exchange rates combined

      with 1/5 cost of living compared to Industrialized countries.



Rent A Webmaster is the perfect solution for SOHO & all other businesses that doesn't want to or simply can't afford to employ fulltime IT-Staff.


A website that isn't maintained regularly often does your company more damage than good when visitors are hunting information and meet the same "old" thing. A static and infrequently updated website with no new information when a recurring visitor arrives will easily signal that your company isn't as dynamic as most would wish to signal.


That's why our web solution Rent-A-Webmaster is a very appealing option for your company. When visitors get a dynamic experience and are able to obtain new information every time they "greet" your company they unconsciously develop an open-to-buy mind towards your products and services.


Our Webmasters can be rented by the hour, day, week or month or how it suit you best - e.g. 3 hours every week for a flat monthly fee or prepay for our services and spend the hours as it suits your company (1 hour one week then 5 hours next week). Flexibility where you will always get the most out of your expense.


Your Webmaster can but is not limited to:

* Make a complete run down of your website - new look and feel if needed

* Edit your website to your specifications

* Upload new content pages

* Delete depleted websites

* Edit pictures



Billed On A Monthly Basis - Our services are fully tax deductible

5 hours at $22 each. Maximum Web Maintenance Cost: $110

6-10 hours at $20 each. Maximum Web Maintenance Cost: $210

11-20 hours at $18 each. Maximum Web Maintenance Cost: $390

21 hours and every hour thereafter at $16 each.


For example: A real estate agent sells 20 houses per week.

20 houses needs a sold sign added or the ad removed + 20 new houses added. New descriptions and pictures must be mailed JKBak that will implement the changes. This work would typically be billed 1 hour for deletion + 4 hours for new houses/week. 5x $22 + 5x $20 + 10x $18 per month. This means that your total IT expense for selling 80 houses is $390 per month.


Note: A 160 hour full time employee dedicated your company is only $2630

Please contact us with your specific requirements or questions you might have



The most cost effective way for you to involve JKBak in your business is a prepaid option where you use our services whenever you want - there is no expiration date on this purchase.


Prepaid Service equals even better prices! Saving us the billing really pays

10 hours at regular rate is $210. Less 7% discount - pay only $195

20 hours at regular rate is $390. Less 10% discount - pay only $349

50 hours at regular rate is $870. Less 15% discount - pay only $739

100 hours at regular rate is $1670. Less 20% discount - pay only $1336


We do NOT deduct in 1/2 hours increments - you pay by minutes used

For example is 3 hours and 35 minutes web mastering NOT billed as 4 hours


Note: 160 hour Web mastering dedicated your company this way is $2100



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