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Cheap Web Site Maintenance Solutions For Companies & SOHOs

Web Design, Updates/Upgrades & Ecommerce Ready Web Hosting

JayKay Bak likes to be considered your sparring partner when it comes to web site maintenance including upgrades, updates, general editing or a total refurbish of your existing website. 

We charge as "much" as $22 on an hourly basis with financial incentive to simply outsource all your web site maintenance needs so you can solely concentrate on the marketing side of your products and services.

Now we like to answer our most frequently asked question:

Q: How can your company charge so little?

A: JKBak Co Ltd. is situated in Thailand and enjoys favorable exchange rates combined with 1/5 cost of living compared to Industrialized countries.

98% of the internet is being overcharged for their E-commerce ready Web Hosting We can still turn a profit charging only $10.95 a Month and host you on highly reliable Dedicated Servers situated in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Please allow us to repeat ourselves - we offer you Cost Cutting Solutions



JKBak is short for JayKay (in Danish language Jens-Kristian) Bak. Being of Danish origin the company is run with Scandinavian values in mind - We strive to always be in a position to "go the extra mile" for our valuable clients.


Closeness is our force!

Call JayKay at +66 813 817 195 or (+45 40 860 860) whenever you want.

Our Managing Director was born in Denmark. After seeing the world, he graduated in 1992 at the age of 28 from Niels Brock Business College in Copenhagen. Ever since he has been involved in worldwide trading commencing with founding a company in Brazil, then in 1996 moving on to Thailand. Since then he has been involved in the www.  Sidebar: In his spare time, he enjoys teaching scuba diving.



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JKBak now offers Product Sourcing in China, Taiwan as well as in Thailand.

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