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JKBak is headquartered only 19 km (12 miles) from "Laem Chabang" Bangkok & thus Thailand's busiest Im- / Export Harbor - a perfect location for fast assistance.

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Sourcing Solution

The Procurement of offshore products and services can consume as
  much as 60% or more of a business' revenues

Not even half of these expenses are closely managed in many companies

In many businesses, the secret to lower costs, improved profits and a more competitive operation lies in the supply chain.

Based in Thailand with solid connections in Taiwan we are in a position to            source almost all possible products.

JKBak endeavors to source products from only reputable factories and manufacturers.

Furthermore, we have developed a preferred manufacturer's database for Thailand, Taiwan and China.

For manufacturers to be listed on our database, they need to fulfill certain criteria, ranging from how they respond to and handle complaints to whether it guarantees levels of performance, such as on-time delivery and damage-free products.

Any negative feedback with regards to quality or business practices can lead to immediate expulsion from the database.

Furthermore, JKBak conducts ongoing research to determine the marketplace pricing and service benchmarks, as well as the competitive advantages offered    by all potential suppliers.

We will source the products you are seeking quickly and efficiently, ensuring    you reliable products at competitive prices.




Product Sourcing Services

For those interested in locating and buying specific goods from Taiwan, we offer a fully integrated Product Sourcing Service.

Taiwan is Asia's most diversified and competitive supplier of manufactured goods with a vast number of companies and goods produced. Due to communication difficulties arising from cultural differences and scarcity of accurate information, it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to locate the required products and to arrange reliable delivery at competitive prices.

We will source the products you are seeking quickly, efficiently and reliably while acquiring them at competitive prices.

Our Services Include:

- Acting in an advisory capacity in selecting a suitable manufacturer from
our preferred supplier's database.

- Negotiating the best possible terms and prices with manufacturers.

- Preparing comprehensive quotes including shipping costs.

- Inspecting the quality of each shipment.

- Handling all local Thai/Taiwanese transportation and export documentation.

- Execution of overseas shipping to your most convenient port.

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OEM / ODM Solution Providers

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
ODM - Original Design Manufacturer

Taiwan's manufacturers' success using the OEM has been the primary force behind the island's unstoppable growth over the years. Recently, mainland China has also allowed Taiwanese companies to take best advantage of inexpensive labor without forfeiting quality. Many Taiwanese companies have their factories in China but offices in Taiwan.

JKBak offers a complete integrated service for meeting all production requirements from Taiwan with speed, efficiency and reliability. We offer you a service that will oversee the manufacturing of your product from design to shipment.

Our Services Include:

- Selecting a suitable manufacturer from our preferred supplier's database.

- Acting in an advisory capacity in determining options, including design,
  materials and packaging, to make the best possible product.

- Preparing CIF (including cost, insurance and freight) price quotations
  based on production levels.

- Providing samples or prototypes prior to production.

- Organizing packaging and assembly of your product, if necessary.

- Overseeing quality control of production and shipment.

- Handling of local transportation and documentation in Taiwan.

- Coordinating shipments from Taiwan to destinations Worldwide, if necessary.

OEM/ODM Inquiry




Preferred Suppliers Database

A preferred Supplier is a JKBak approved supplier that has been awarded a contract, discount pricing agreement by our Strategic Procurement Department in order to supply products and/or services as required by JKBak.

JKBak has established a number of contracts with suppliers/manufacturers from various market segments for use by the Strategic Sourcing Department, these contracts have been negotiated to ensure that the products or services purchased represent the "optimum value" for the buyer.

Optimum value includes parameters such as the cost of the item, delivery, extended or expanded warranties, before and after Sales service, training, upgrades, exchanges and return policies.

Furthermore, JKBak conducts ongoing research to determine the marketplace pricing and service benchmarks, as well as the competitive advantages offered by all potential suppliers. A Manufacturer's potential for business growth is also taken into consideration.

Any negative feedback with regards to quality or business practices can lead to immediate expulsion from the database.

Key Benefits

- Increased revenue gained through improved responsiveness and the ability to offer

  more competitive prices to customers.

- Increased range of pricing requests - increasing leverage for negotiation.

- Reduce overall materials costs.

- Improved quote processing time efficiency.

- Improve quote quality and accuracy.


Product Inquiry




Lease A Company Representative / Quality Controller

Since you will be dealing directly with our Managing Director JayKay Bak

the below is solely offered with regards to Thailand!


Could your company benefit from our special services in your Thai trading?

We feel confident that you can see the obvious advantages of  'our man in Thailand'


Apart from the added bonus simply to have a representative present in Thailand that carries your hat, who acts as your sparring partner making sure that you get the merchandise you paid for, at the quality you need - it simply makes cost-effective sense to take advantage of our services.



What exactly can JayKay Bak do for us?

There are a broad variety of functions that I can fulfill - a few samples:


1) Do you need a second pair of eyes before shipping a container / releasing your L/C. Let us take care of the quality control needed - a JKBak Seal will also prevent unauthorized opening of said container without your company being aware of it.


2) You are currently negotiating a deal and need your company represented to show that your company is sincere. JayKay shows up carrying your business card


3) You are less than happy about your manufacturers' lack of commitment to timely shipments and need someone to smoothen out your business relationship.


4) You prefer to get samples picked by JayKay rather than trusting an unknown manufacturer to select the true quality of his product(s) - if our JKBak Seal is broken upon arrival then my best advice is not to deal with said manufacturer.


5) Your business in Thailand needs a Thai presence in general - an office address, a phone that is answered with your company name, fax forwarding facility etc. -  JKBak will set you up at a fraction of the normal cost.


There is no such thing as too small or too big a task - you are very welcome to make an informal inquiry with your specific needs.


Pricing will prove the claim that JKBak indeed is a cost-effective way to get represented in Thailand.


Sincerely yours,


JayKay Bak

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